Are your employees

Culture determines value. SezzWho provides timely and reliable insights on your employees’ well being. Use the data to get ahead of problems and boost employee morale.

Are your customers

SezzWho lets you understand the voice of the customers and monitor your brand health. Use the data for better strategic decisions.

A new approach to
employee engagement & company culture

Our easy-to-use AI-led dashboard analyses and visualizes the existing information and internal communication from multiple channels like company emails & chats and converts it into actionable statistics.

Our text analysis software identifies tone, patterns and language including grammar and word choices used in everyday internal communication to measure employee engagement level.

Disengaged Employees
cost up to $550 Billion a year!

Avoid blind spots & align better with your people

Your company’s culture determines your business value. SezzWho provides timely and reliable insights on your employees’ well being.

Learn What Your Want Without Asking

SezzWho identifies what your customers want and what makes them satisfied or dissatisfied by pulling real time, un-prompted and pure sentiment data from your company email database, social media or CSV files.  The data is converted into a customer satisfaction intelligence score to help you easily use the data and swiftly respond to improve your businesses customer service.


The Benefits of Agile Customer Knowledge

Capitalize on Customer
Satisfaction Trends

SezzWho allows organizations to monitor customer satisfaction sentiment in real time and on a large scale. Monitoring customer satisfaction gives organizations an advantage over their competition because it allows them the capability to instantly capitalize on positive trends.

Customer Churn

Satisfied customers equals higher customer retention. SezzWho allows users to see negative sentiment trends from their customers through social media, csv and email interactions so that problems can be addressed in real time, measured and corrected to reduce the damaging effects as fast as possible

Monitor Employee Driven
Customer Service

SezzWho also allows managers to monitor how satisfied their customers are with respect to communicating with their employees. Managers can use Sezzwho's insights to ensure employees are having positive, meaningful conversations that encourage customer retention.

Data Conversion

 SezzWho takes messages received from your customers and uses artificial intelligence to pull insights, trends and sentiments.  We use technology to pull actionable data from your customers interactions.

Why SezzWho?

Cost Effective & Time Saving

Not once a year, but always running in the background proves to save time and cost.

Reduce Turnover

Retain your employees and customers by acknowledging the low sentiment and resolving it.

Get Ahead of Potential Problems

Stay on top of problems before they arise by regular tracking.

Boost Morale in Real-Time

Real-time tracking leads to real-time actions to boost morale and hence productivity.

Capitalize on Historic Trends

Historic data provides a baseline and comparison for the existing company culture and brand health.

Are you ready to get started?

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